October 1, 2008

Parts list


Finally the list of needed parts to repair the front end of the car have been generated after taking the entire front end apart.

Here's what's needed:

* Anti-roll bar
* 2 pcs. anti-roll bar mounting blocks
* 2 pcs. toplink
* 2 pcs. lower wishbone
* Steering gear
* 2 pcs. track rod end balljoint
* Right side Steering arm
* 2 pcs. engine mounting rubbers
* Radiator
* 2 pcs. fender pipings for flared fenders
* Set of bushes needed for both left and right site. My count on the attached pic gives the following: 4 pcs. 636 bush, 8 pcs. Y9 bush
* 2 pcs. front dampers/springs.

Now we just need to find somewhere to source the parts. I'll be trying Redline Components first as I think they are able to supply all parts and that will make the shipping costs lower.

See the picture below where I have marked the needed parts.

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