October 29, 2007

The operation was a success but the patient died :-(


A new oil pump and new bearings were fitted and everything was put back together again. Unfortunately the new pump couldn't master more the one third of the desired pressure. We hoped to the end that it was the old pressure gage that was failing but a check with an external gage showed the same result.
This means the engine have to go to an engine shop capable of giving it a total overhaul. Only good thing is that it isn't driving season.

As a site note you'll find more info on engine oil pressure here


October 17, 2007

Broken oil pump – Season over


It turned out the good old oil pressure gage was working just fine but the oil pump wasn’t… On the way home the gage kept not showing any oil pressure and I was getting a little worried. After about 10 Km the engine acted weird and when I pressed the clutch the engine just died. Releasing it again showed a locked engine and it looked very bad!
Parking at the roadside being pissed for not checking if the oil pressure gage was actually telling the truth a friend stopped asking if he could help. After checking for oil and temperature I tried the starter and luckily the good old Twink started again. We found the entrance for the oil pressure gage connection and unscrewing it proved that there was no oil pressure.
While waiting for the flatbed trailer to be arranged it showed that you’re never lost when stuck on a roadside with an old Seven. Five people stopped to ask if they could help and one of them actually being a local guy knowing my brother ended up picking up the trailer and come back to tow the car to the shop.
At the shop we found the oil pump to be completely worn down and the bearings were in bad shape to. The missing oil pressure surely hasn’t done all the damage to the bearings but probably giving them the last kick over the edge.
All in all the season is over a month early, insurance ending on the 15th of November, and I’m looking for new parts.


October 11, 2007

Hill Climb Fåborg 2007


The last session in the Hill Climb season were held in Fåborg at the beautiful local golf club, check out the map below.
The event started in very fogy conditions but the fog cleared away and we had a nice sunny day. The first test run went quid bad but the second were much better. After the test three timed run-throughs were on the table and once again the first one didn’t go to well as I meshed up the gear change in the chicane. The last to runs went OK :-) See the time below and check out a small program filmed by the local television here.

We had no problems with the car but the oil pressure gage was acting a bit weird as it had been for the last week.


The pit:
Crossing the finishline:

The route:

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More pictures:

Due to technical problems with my Laptop you have to wait for the onboard video but I’ll add it as soon as I can get it out of the camera...

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