February 4, 2009

Lotus Seven S2 Blueprints


I got hold of a copy of a set of blueprints done by Pat Prince from Prince Race Car Engineering. They are supposedly a 100% accurate blueprint of an original Lotus Seven S2 chassis and based on SB1172.

There are also a few drawings of unknown origin but all in all pretty interesting. Let me know if you want me to look up a measurement or you have questions in regards to the tubing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can tell you a bit about the
unknown drawings that came with the
Blueprints ( the one's that are drawn by hand off on one of the corners)

e-mail me at

rb26dett240sx at yahoo dot com


12 February, 2009 03:59  
Blogger tincho said...

Hi, do you have the blueprints in digital?

thanks, Martin

09 December, 2009 17:50  
Blogger peme said...

Hi Martin,

I don't have the mentioned blue prints in digital form but I have an AutaCad file that supposedly is of a Seven S2. If you provide me with an e-mail address I can mail it to you.


09 December, 2009 18:01  
Blogger Thobela said...


Could you please mail me a copy of the drawings?



16 December, 2009 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'd also be interested in your Lotus Seven S2 blueprints.


Thanks so much,

29 January, 2010 06:46  
Blogger Dusan said...

Hello, J'm interested in those blueprints to, so if you can send them to me on aleksic91@gmail.com Tnx

05 February, 2010 10:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello i'm interested in those blueprints too i'm building a lotus seven ^^
please email me : piston_7@hotmail.fr

04 March, 2010 23:55  
Blogger kaushik said...

Please Please Please send me the blueprints... I have been looking all over for them.. Thanks so much !!


20 April, 2010 16:41  

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