September 16, 2007

Dyno test: 145.4HP


After having the oil sump fixed the Seven were taken to a twincam wizard. He adjusted the valves, carburetors and ignition. After the adjustments the Lotus were tested at the dyno showing the following results.

145.4 HP / 5911 RPM
185.2 NM/5144 RPM (That's 136.6 Lb-Ft for the US guys)

Here's the details


September 11, 2007

Pictures from the Hill Climb in Gjern


Here's a couple of pictures taken out on the Hill Climb track in Gjern where the oil sump were damaged. More details in this post.
The landing must have animated the photographer to zoom into the marks in the road where we were landing as this is the next thing in the series.

Check out more pictures from the event here

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September 8, 2007

New drain plug and oil


The sump repair has been improved and a new drain plug have been welded into the sump. New oil and filter were added at 98.363 miles.

New drain plug:


September 2, 2007

Repairing the crack in the sump


The dent were pulled out and crack in the oil sump pan were welded. After adding new oil filter and fresh oil the old lady will be as good as before the race in Gjern.


Hill Climb Gjern (Silkeborg) 2007


Another session in the Hill Climb season were held in Gjern close to Silkeborg, check out the map below.
The event started just fine with good times and still lots of seconds to find on the route. About half through the route most cars were airborne and on the two test laps some were landing very hard. On the first counting run I landed too hard and unfortunately broke the oil sump pan ending my day :-(


Check out the lap killing the oil pan here.

Race map:

View Larger Map

The cracked oil sump pan:

Going home on the flat bed:


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