August 19, 2008

Hill Climb in the rain = crash


On Sunday the 10th of August everything was ready for the best Hill Climb in the series. The route is perfect and very difficult but unfortunately the weather was bad with lots of rain. Half ways through the course on the second trail run disaster stroke and I under steered directly into the cause barrier. The right front wheel hit the barrier and was pushed into the body of the car. Lots of pieces were broken in the suspension, the radiator was damages and the antirollbar was bent.
The accident was caused by a very wet road (and of course me driving to fast in this conditions) due to the rainy weather and even though I drove very slowly when hitting the barrier the car was badly damages. The repair will take a lot of work and several new parts.

Seeing what kind of damages the car took at this low speed accident I’ve started to reevaluate the sanity in using it for Hill Climbs. The combination of driving in the fastest class and having a minimum of racing experience might not be the best cocktail. As I’m only racing in the Hill Climb series I have no change of training giving me a total of less than 30 minutes of race experience in the car. This is further problematic in a wet race as I never drive the car in the wet and only have driven one trip back in 2006 in the rain. This was on the old springs, dampers and tires and therefore hasn’t given me much knowledge of how the car behaves when it’s slippery. Maybe it would be better to find an old Kadett or something like that in Germany and race that in class 8 where the speed is considerable lower.
Let’s see how the repair comes along and how the feeling towards this issue is when the Seven is once again ready for racing…

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April 17, 2008

Video from Frijsenborg Hill Climb


Here's a video from the Hill Climb in Frijsenborg last weekend. No fancy PIP or integration with vehicle data this time.

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April 16, 2008

First Hill Climb in this season


This was the day that all the work done during the winter would bee tested for real and I’m glad to say all worked out perfectly!

The car had done around 250km after the engine and clutch had been rebuild and it was a little less than I had preferred but everything was acting fine and so we took the change. In the first to test runs during the morning the road was wet and the grip was very poor but the weather cleared up and for the counting three stints the road was almost all dry except for the final bit that is kept in shadows of the trees.

As mentioned all was running perfectly and there was lots of speed in the car but I jumped the gun twice in the counting stints adding 10 sec. to my time. This killed every change of getting a good time as the final result is the added time of the two best stints. Here are my times;

Test stints:

Counting stints:

Here’s a couple of pictures from the event and I’ll add a video later.

It's cold in Denmark at 7am in April

The SB1403 pit

Lining up


Somewhere on the route

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April 9, 2008

Ready for the first Hill Climb in 2008


SB1403 is ready for the first stage of the Hill Climb series running this Saturday the 14th of April. Technical control are starting at 7am and the first two training parses will are driven before lunch. After lunch the three counting runs are preformed and the winnins will bee at the podium around 6pm.

39 cars are coming and the line up is as nice as usually with cars of all sorts ready to hit the 'hills' around Frijsenborg.

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November 17, 2007

Fåborg Hill Climb video


Finally got around to get some video from the hill climb in Fåborg online. Check out the video here or from the VodPod at the right.

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October 11, 2007

Hill Climb Fåborg 2007


The last session in the Hill Climb season were held in Fåborg at the beautiful local golf club, check out the map below.
The event started in very fogy conditions but the fog cleared away and we had a nice sunny day. The first test run went quid bad but the second were much better. After the test three timed run-throughs were on the table and once again the first one didn’t go to well as I meshed up the gear change in the chicane. The last to runs went OK :-) See the time below and check out a small program filmed by the local television here.

We had no problems with the car but the oil pressure gage was acting a bit weird as it had been for the last week.


The pit:
Crossing the finishline:

The route:

View Larger Map

More pictures:

Due to technical problems with my Laptop you have to wait for the onboard video but I’ll add it as soon as I can get it out of the camera...

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September 11, 2007

Pictures from the Hill Climb in Gjern


Here's a couple of pictures taken out on the Hill Climb track in Gjern where the oil sump were damaged. More details in this post.
The landing must have animated the photographer to zoom into the marks in the road where we were landing as this is the next thing in the series.

Check out more pictures from the event here

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September 2, 2007

Hill Climb Gjern (Silkeborg) 2007


Another session in the Hill Climb season were held in Gjern close to Silkeborg, check out the map below.
The event started just fine with good times and still lots of seconds to find on the route. About half through the route most cars were airborne and on the two test laps some were landing very hard. On the first counting run I landed too hard and unfortunately broke the oil sump pan ending my day :-(


Check out the lap killing the oil pan here.

Race map:

View Larger Map

The cracked oil sump pan:

Going home on the flat bed:


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August 18, 2007

Hill Climb Munkebjerg 2007


On Sunday the 12Th another session in the Danish Hill climb series were held in Vejle. The route is the best in the season and 85 vintage race cars were ready for the event. The weather was perfect and lots of people came by to look at all the cars and enjoy the race.

I improved the lap time at each race and we had no mechanical problems with the car! All in all a perfect day :-)


Check out the new videos in the vod:pod at the right or directly at here and here.

Driver info in the morning:

The pit area:

For the record we topped up the oil during the race at 98.284 mines.


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April 28, 2007

Frijsenborg HillClimb


Så er 2007 sæsonnen startet med et fint race ved Pøt Mølle. Check resultaterne her

Videoen fra onboard kameraet er desværre ødelagt, så I må nøjes med en start.


Start området


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