August 4, 2007

Ram Pipes


Finally installed the 30mm Ram Pipes I've had laying around for a while. I had ordered a new carburetor base plate and filter from as the pipes didn't fit in the K&N filters.

The filter is quit big and a new hole had to be cut in the spare bonnet to make it fit.

I also changed the fasteners for the bonnet as the old once just barley fitted between the wings and the bonnet and the spare bonnet needed some fasteners anyway.

So you might be wondering how the pipes work... They give a more smooth experience in the low revs and makes it's the car more responsible to changes in the throttle below 3000 RPM in higher revs I don't feel any changes.
That sounds all good but they are coming off anyway... for daily driving the noise they are adding don't match the better throttle response. Between 4500 an 5500 RPM the intake noise is insane and that's where I'm cruising so the conclusion is that the pips are only mounted at Hill climbs!

The new bonnet spring are definitely staying as they are much better than the old locks!



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